History of Australian Lodge of Harmony

On 7th January, 1847, fifteen brethren who had been members of Australian Social Lodge No. 260 I.C. together with Bros. John Williams and George Isaac Wyer of The Lodge of Australia No. 548 E.C. assembled in the Firzroy Hotel, Pitt Stree, Sydney, and duly constituted The Australian Lodge of Harmony No. 814 E.C..
These brethren were:
  John      Williams,   WM
  Jacob     Osaacs,     SW
  George    Stanley,    JW
  George    Evans,      Treasurer
  Joseph    Raphael,    Secretary
  George    Isaac Wyer, SD
  Philip    Solomon,    JD
  Alexander McGregor,   IG
  Samuel    Benjamin
  Paul      Morgan
  Abraham   Moses
  Francis   McCrow
  Thomas    Richards
  Abraham   Moses, Junior
  Maurice   Alexander
  Isaac     Levey
  John      Barnett
In addition, Bro Nehemiah Rundle was admitted as a serving brother, and acted as Tyler.
The ceremony was conducted by VW Bro G R Nichols, Deputy Provincial Grand Master of the English Constitution.